This brings a vegetable fritter that shake up the tongue

I stared in awe of a selection of vegetable fritter that is in outlets Bakwan Gedongan. For a meal like me, this eye seemed to get “hungry”. The tongue ever swallow saliva as a signal of impatience would like to try.
That is called vegetable fritter here actually processed meat, also known as meatballs. Arguably the food offered similar dishes bakwan gedongan Bakwan Malang. Because of the desire to try have been unstoppable, I immediately tasted a selection of vegetable fritter ranging from fish, vegetable fritter bakwan shrimp, chicken, vegetable fritter shumai steamed fish, meatballs, beef meatballs, fried dumplings and boiled dumplings. Each type has a unique flavor, and certainly makes the tongue wants to keep trying and trying again.
Slurupp Fresh Gravy Vegetable Fritter
To throw away the curiosity, I chose a variety of bakwan, meatballs and dumplings for Soup vegetable fritter Mix menu. One portion is sold at a price of Rp 18,000, up to $ 25,000,. At this price I get five kinds of vegetable fritter. Turns out for vegetable fritter Mix, visitors can order vermicelli or noodles as complimentary alias free.
At the moment my message menu was served, cash my patisseries to eat it immediately. Gravy vegetable fritter Mix his looks clear, yet so try wow it feels segerrr and delicious. In my opinion, anyway, kuah kaldunya it is hard to look for the Chinese capital. This gravy, made from the meat juices that are good quality. Provided also sprinkles fried onion, sliced celery leaves, lime juice, chili sauce, soy sauce that will add rich flavor to this vegetable fritter menu.
I tried adding a little juice of lime, sweet soy sauce and a couple of spoonfuls of chili sauce, it seems to make the gravy tasted better. The aroma was tempting, made me increasingly looking forward more delicious. First stirred the broth first slowly, and then I SIP the broth. Sluruppp …, the Rev. savory. Do not believe? Just try it, definitely be hooked. His gravy is delicious, what about when it’s combined with pieces of vegetable fritter? I took pieces of bakwannya, plus a bit of gravy in a spoon, and I eat slowly. It feels good. I admit that this vegetable fritter is good and crisp once.
Batagor Tongue tingle
Finish eating a vegetable fritter Mix, I try Batagor. It took about five to 10 minutes to wait because the deep fried dumplings, and vegetable fritter first. When served, the already fried vegetable fritter is served with peanut sauce. Seasoning sauce kacangnya is not too sweet, tastes dovetail with my tongue. The crisp vegetable fritter pieces and a delicious peanut sauce mix successfully tickled my taste buds.
For me this is quite fitting Gedongan vegetable fritter on the tongue, although the price is a little more expensive than other vegetable fritter, but considering the location, delicacy and a selection of vegetable fritter that is offered, it is worth to try.

Ice Cream Barrels, Bringing Memories Tempo Dulu

Eating ice is usually much less ice such as gelato and a dessert outletnya of taiwan have been mushrooming in Indonesia. For those of you who want to enjoy a different ice cream or ice-cream cara membuat es krim vanila coklat   tempo nostalgic past that may be more suitable in your tongue ice cream, this one could be your sweet alternative.
By presenting the concept of traditional ice cream, ice cream Barrels being one brand that started popping up by the community. Not only because the concept is unique, but the flavors and the ingredients used are premium quality. Usually eskrim jadul like this you can find in a travelling pitchman selling in front of the House, but now you can find them in malls.
“We’ve been open a little over five years now, and its plant in Sunter,” said ice cream Draft staff at Summarecon Mal Serpong.
According to the staff of yesteryear, Keg ice cream is also good for health because it is made using native fruits and without preservatives. This explains why Water ice cream is not too sweet as ice cream is another.
There are many variants on the Water like chocolate ice cream, brownies, coffee, strawberry, vanilla, green tea and even there the original flavour of Indonesia such as durian, jackfruit and avocado. In addition, you can eat it in various ways such as using cups, cones and buns. Various other all-round ice cream menu here are also provided like cara membuat es krim goreng youtube  Es Teler, Waffle Ice Cream, Banana Split, Cold Dog Brownie and Ice Cream.
Avocado Ice cream that I try their texture is very soft and has good moisture, in addition to taste the avocado is also very medok on the tongue feels eating avocado original, not too sweet and when done eating you can still feel the bitter sensation that you find when eating Avocados. In fact, small pieces of fruit still contained in this eskrim so you have to beak first.
Ice cream freezer for water use shaped wooden barrels to store eskrimnya, is a very unique look. In addition to be eaten on the spot, they also provide a cup size with the cover that you can take it home to eat at home.
Ice cream prices for water not too expensive even though it is a premium ice cream around Rp 14,000 to $ 63,000 for the cup which is great.
You can find Water ice cream outlets at Summarecon Mal Serpong 3rd floor beside Sour Sally, Tangerang, Banten. Here is also some seating is provided for visitors who like to eat on the spot. In addition to the SMS, you can also find it in the outlet Mall @ Natural silk, Living World, Mal Kelapa Gading and its centre in Sunter

Sambal Goreng Krecek Recipes Typical Of Jogjakarta

Have you ever eat hidanga Gudeg Yogya? If you’ve never been, there may be a complement to the mandatory recall one of them, namely sambal goreng krecek. Sambal goreng krecek mandatory is presented along with the warm. It is inseparable from the sense of a very sweet warm so need to be mixed with sambal goreng resep sambal bajak istimewa  krecek that piquant spicy. A mix of both of them turned out to be capable of producing a combination that favors on the tongue. According to the society, warm rice does not feel complete without a sambal goreng krecek ‘s. This dish is made of krecek or better known as the cow skin.
Warm rice and sambal goreng krecek is widely sold in restaurants or at roadside. You can buy it whenever you want. But, mostly, this menu is a bestseller in the breakfast hours and hours off night (21.00 up).
If you don’t live in Yogyakarta, may be a bit hard to find the House feels a meal or food stall that provides this menu with original recipes. For that, we give the following recipes sambal goreng krecek so that you can make yourself at home.
The ingredients are prepared:
150 grams krecek or cowhide.
1000 ml coconut milk ecer (1/2 grains of coconut)
Cayenne Fruit 15
4 cm galangal, memarkan
3 pieces of bay leaf
1 stalk Lemongrass, memarkan and conclude
3 tablespoons cooking oil
1 tablespoon brown sugar, sisirkan.
Water to taste.
The seasoning paste:
6 grains of red onion
4 cloves garlic
5 pieces red pepper kriting
½ teaspoon shrimp paste fuels
Salt to taste.
How to make it:
Soak in water to taste krecek. Excessive oil and dirt will appear to float in the water, waste oil then drain kreceknya.
Heat the oil. Then stir-fry seasoning which was crushed last up the oil already in the heat.
Stir until aromatic, then add the bay leaf, Lemongrass and galangal, mix well.
Pour the diluted coconut milk of yesteryear while stirring slowly to the boil.
Enter krecek, Cook on medium heat while stirring occasionally until the remaining coconut milk ¼ part.
Enter whole cayenne pepper, then add brown sugar, stir until seasonings permeated and mature.
Lift up and ready on the serve.
If you are confused to buy good quality krecek, choose vegetable or for special krecek to resep sambal terasi yg enak  sambal goreng krecek. If you use the less good quality krecek, usually will quickly disintegrate when cooked. May be useful and good luck. See also menu sambal goreng ati’s most delicious.

Beautiful Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Not only was the bride can look beautiful  on wedding day. The bridesmaids can look beautiful women at the event.
The bride was supposed to look beautiful on wedding day. But as the bridesmaid, you need to look good to support the appearance of the bride and groom. This can be done with styling your hair you as bridesmaids.

There are several styles of hairdos that you can try as a bridesmaid. Check out some hair styles bridesmaids, as reported by Boldsky, Friday (12/9/2014).

Half up half down

Since the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton became   one of the bridesmaids to date with dresses as well as her order. To follow the style of her hair, first you need to organize your hair become wavy and parse it. Collect a bit of hair from both sides, close to your ear. Then the hairpin in the central part with a beautiful accessory.

Messy bun

This is one of the most abundant hair style chosen by the bridesmaids. Hair at the bottom styled curls and pin them on a bun with loose. Do not forget to secure this order with flops boby pin at the back of the head. The texture of curly hair at the bottom, as well as making the hair look lax structure be messy but still romantic.

Side up do

How to make hair challenge does this by combining all of your hair, then flops. However, you need to clamp the hair on the side, not in the middle. You can specify the model of your own hair bun, is messy or neat. Create a bun level with the ears or lower but still above the nape. This is one of the hairstyles for bridesmaids who make the neck look longer and more graceful

Surprise your Loved Ones with the BCL Mutually Hairstyles

Not a Flower Image Preserved (BCL) name if rarely mutually models and hair color.
Appearing at an event at the Hotel Mulia, Tuesday (16/9/2014), wife of Ashraf Sinclair was performed with style and new hair color again.
This time, the choice fell on a short hair style withan ombre coloring techniques for blending color blackish brown and blonde hair.”Actually, this is not the first. My hair has been colored ombre as I gave birth. Many do not know post-birth I more rest at home, “said Flowers, who looks gorgeous in a bandage dress intersect a jumpsuit all in pink.

There is the pleasure and satisfaction that the mother of   one of these children feel when changing pieces and hair color.
“I love to surprise people with my hair style which is always changing,” stories of interest currently intends to lengthen the hair again.

So Kunti Dewi, Erina GD Should Wear the Crown 7 Kg

Many of the challenges to be faced by Erina GD, the actress who portrayed the figure of the goddess of the PANDAVA WARRIOR Kunti 5. Terberatnya one of the challenges is the Crown that made him dizzy.
“This is the Crown of 7 kilos. Use a 10 minute head teng-teng gitu. If ganjelan wrong can hurt. Hence each finished take directly removed. More risk, “said Erina while media crews encountered not long ago.

In addition, Erina which is familiar with the role of the antagonist in every soap opera he was starring. Must now be performed the role of a protagonist who often cries.

Even though many contain moral messages, but the mother of two children was never told of his heart to watch the series with which he was starring. He was afraid they were going to get carried away with the roles she bring.

“The kids were shooting. And fit I cry, they cry followup. So I dont wajibin watch, “she continued.

Before airing on television, the series is already getting a lot of tudingan when cheating serial MAHABHARATA. But it is not considered an Erina action cheat, but they reveal the same story with the Indonesia version has some differences that exist in India.